Thursday, February 24, 2011

March 10, 2004 Killing Time and Discovery

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March 10, 2004
It’s been awhile since I’ve written; I suppose I am terrible at this journal writing.  But here I am alone again so writing is something to do to kill time.  I don’t know what is worse sitting here alone again, or when I was being gawked at and hassled by perverts at SugarPlums. Well, I suppose being alone here in Von’s apartment is better. When I stepped out to get some food yesterday I saw Mitch, my ex-boss on the front of the New York Post, well, a photo of his body anyways.  It looked frightening.  His body was found basically in three pieces, his upper, his middle and his bottom.  It took longer than I thought for people to wonder about him. I didn’t want to buy a copy of the newspaper but I stood there at the newsstand reading the article. He was found near the dumpster with chunks of flesh ripped off his body. They don’t know who killed him.  

I feel weird being a part of someone’s death, even if he was an asshole.  
Later, when Von came home, I asked him if he saw the newspaper, he said he hadn’t, so I didn’t mention anything about Mitch’s discovery and his body in pieces. But I bet Von saw the paper and the article, and just didn’t want to talk about it.
I haven’t told my Dad or anyone about the attack, about Mitch or Von. Telling them would lead to more questions about school, why I got kicked out, working at SugarPlums, where I am living, what I am doing with my life, and I’d be falling deeper and deeper into lies. Dad would totally freak out and then James and Nick would come to NYC and pick me up in their truck, it would be so embarrassing, and I’d be back to the farm life or on my way to a local community college.  All they need to know is that I am ok. When I called Dad with my new phone number I had to lie. I told him I lost my phone on the subway. I didn’t tell him about changing my last name and the other details that would worry him. James and Nick sounded busy as usual on the phone, and little Mary Anne sounded sad, like she missed me.  I do feel bad for being so far away and leaving her with the boys.  She could probably use a female role model, although I doubt I’d be a good one. Considering I am involved with a murder and becoming a vampire.
The pain in my gums has gone down thankfully, and I am developing small fangs. It’s like my teeth are all becoming a little larger, and pointer and whiter.   Sometimes my mouth feels weird. Like my teeth don’t fit in my mouth. I am adjusting to the feel.  I find myself licking my lips a lot and rubbing my tongue against my teeth all the time.
To keep myself busy I’ve been reading and cleaning and running Von’s errands, and I’ve been snooping around Von’s apartment.   In one drawer I discovered a lot of pills and liquid capsules on strings of leather.  On his computer I found many pictures of the same woman with chin length dark hair and she is always wearing red lipstick. There are many photos of them together, intimate photos, some were even naked.  In the back of his closet I found lingerie, panties and many dresses, including two long gowns.  I’m still curious about these female items and this woman with chin length dark hair and red lipstick. Who is she? Where is she? Were these her clothes?